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1 – Lets Talk

The first thing we do is consult with our client. It is imperative that we learn and understand your bespoke needs so that we can clearly understand and allign your aims from your video(s). However, sometimes you dont know what you dont know - 
JustJag can just run with an idea or words an suggest ideas to you.

2 – Script/Story

Our professional writer will craft a script (if you don’t already have one written). Our goal is to engage the viewer (through humor, popular references, sound pedagogy) to ultimately accomplish what you have set out to do with your video.

3 – Storyboard

We will show you a range of drawing styles, where you can choose one or you may have a reference video you would like us to use as a style. We then work on a rough written/sketched storyboard, where you will have the opportunity to ask for revisions.

4 – Digital Assets

At this step you will have the opportunity to share and collect any digital assets needed in the video. Once these assets and revisions have been completed - we will move closer to the final steps of completing your video.

5 – Voice Over/Music

We will be offering you a selection of professional voice talent to choose from. This will be based on several factors such as age, gender, tone and feel, accent. You can send or we can source music appropriate for the content. 

6 – Final Video

This is the most exciting step of our process. JustJag will piece everything together and magically your final video is created. JustJag offers one free revision on your final video. 


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