Jag is an "end to end digital learning expert" - on a mission to bring an end to lacklustre video and boring online content. 

Don't follow the sheep.


Digital Pedagogy

Great online learning still harnesses sound pedagogy from traditional formats. However, todays digital content requires a mechansim for delivery, digestion and discussion. JustJag harness this to create beautiful and engaging instruction.


JustJag is passionate about combining creativity with clients story. We are always learning new ways to illustrate and animate .  We strive to create the absolute best video for your needs.


A lot cheaper than most due to minimal overheads. JustJag has both technical and practical experience in starting a project - from concept to completetion. Jag loves it when a plan comes together.


We are constantly in communication with our clients at each step of the process. Throughout the process you will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.  What this means is that you will always know at which stage your video is at.


  JustJag harnesses Slack with all his clients.
Slack offers an overview of activity, asset delivery and general communication. Never be out the loop!


Send me a quick email and will get back to you within the hour.


(Social) Learning Experience Designer

Human beings respond to experiences and learn from them.

JustJag is built around principles and practices that expressly ensure that the learning journey is enjoyable, engaging, relevant, and informative.

You have to understand your audience and their unique needs before you design any course. Learning Experience Design takes into account the diverse realities of learners. LXD focuses on both content (ID approach) and user experience (UX approach). Bring into the mix, Social Learning - it becomes a powerful and successful mechanism for continuous and meaningful learning in the modern digital world.

I am Jag - on a mission to help us communicate more effectively and efficiently in this digital world.  


Articulate Certified Trained (360, Storyline, Rise)


Media Production (Video, Animation, Audio)
Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X. Vyond, 


Graphic Design
Adobe Creative Suite. 


Learning Management Systems (VLE)
Canvas (Expert)            


VR - AR - 360 Images  
ThingLink, Photoshop



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