Masters in Education Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship 


MEITE is a professional master's degree program, personalised to your goals and interests, that includes an internship with an innovative educational organisation. In MEITE, students learn to develop the leading edge of educational technologies and curriculum, and explore, participate and lead organisations that support edupreneurs to scale their ideas to a larger market.


Personalised Studies

Program and course work can be customised to each student’s interest (within the three strands of learning science, technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship).

Real-World Experience

MEITE is a professional degree and an internship with an innovative educational organization is a central part of the program. Students will extend their academic experiences into the community in order to understand the challenge of kick-starting innovation in the real-world.

Expert Network

JustJag stands at the front of the education revolution. Our faculty includes national and international leaders in the field of learning science, edtech and entrepreneurship, and creating breakthrough learning technologies, curriculum and pedagogy.

  1. CREATE learning environments of the future
  2. DESIGN scale, and/or commercialize breakthrough educational technologies, pedagogy and curriculum based on the science of learning
  3. INSPIRE transformational change in technology-intensive learning organizations

Program Details

MEITE is a professional degree. Graduates will leave prepared to take leadership positions in the private and public sectors. 


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