The Convergence of Science, Art and Technology.

Human 4.0

JustJag specialises in the learning experience  -  by merging traditional pedagogy with modern digital technologies, tools and services (IoT) 

This exciting hybrid digital pedagogy enables forward-thinking organisations to deeply change culture, enhance performance and create organic communities of digital learners.

At JustJag -  we believe learning is best when it's in the flow of work and life.

We are Human 4.0 after all.


"You are only ever as good as your tools"

"Learning experiences enables you to stay connected with your learning populations, reduce costs and become agile in responding to both commercial and user needs."



JustJag has got you covered at every corner of your elearning journey

Digital Pedagogy

Great online learning still harnesses sound pedagogy from traditional formats. However, todays digital content requires a mechansim for delivery, digestion and discussion. JustJag harness this to create beautiful and engaging instruction.

All Devices

Flash has been traditionally used in eLearning - its old. We now use HTML standard, so you can be certain - your course will work on any device or browser. Thats a JustJag guarantee..


A lot cheaper than most odue to minimal overheads. JustJag has both technical and practical experience in starting a project - from concept to completetion. One contact point. Jag loves it when a plan comes together.


We are constantly in communication with our clients at each step of the process. Throughout the process you will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.  What this means is that you will always know at which stage your video is at.

From digital content, engaging video and multiple channel delivery. JustJag has got you covered at every corner of your learning experience.


Here are a few examples of what can be done to add value to the learning experience.

Social learning Activities

Social and collaborative education in an informal manner through communities, blogs, forums and other tools. Learners learn from one another.


Quizzes are generally used to test learners’ knowledge. They also aim at collecting opinions or ideas. Besides, using quizzes is a good way to engage your audience’s attention.

Online Discussions

If you need to build an effective online learning community, an online discussion is a great way to go about it. Online discussions allow learners to learn from each other.

Thought-Provoking Stories

When stories are meaningful and thought-provoking, they can become the basis of the eLearning content, by engaging learners with characters and issues that resonate with them.

Interactive Demos

Hands-on demos, such as interactive software simulations, go a long way in providing learners with opportunities to practice skills at their own pace.


Use of gaming techniques in an educational framework designed to keep learners keenly focused and interested, as well as motivated and challenged.

Microlearning Activities

Short-term, targeted educational activities, designed to have a direct benefit for learners.

Video Scenarios

A scenario is an interactive e-Learning method that requires online learners to choose an approach as a response to the scenario.


Online activities specially designed to require learners to collaborate in order to complete them.


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