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JustJag is a digital creative and consultant that specialises in highly engaging video, online content and design.

Creating and assisting customers in ways to make engaging learning, impactful media with beautiful digital assets. 

JustJag also provides training and consultation on the best digital tools and workflows to make you or your team 'sheep shape' and the best 'baaar' none (sorry).

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Video is king. It allows complex information in an easily digestible and rewatchable manner. JustJag is aware of audience/style. You and your message will always be #1 .



Bespoke branded content, Monetise your talent with courses - or simply refreshing or converting your legacy content.
JustJag makes online learning modern, fun and engaging.



From infographics to digital flyers. We love graphics and we hate them done badly. JustJag can work on simple brief of just an initial idea - then run with it. 



Everyone has a website it seems. A place on the web that is just yours. They are just so versatile! From professional to personal. JustJag will make you stand out.
1st impressions count


JustJag holds a Masters in Digital Technology & Education and is a qualified teacher. Leading on exciting and efficient ways to use digital technology with hands on workshops and fantastic resources. JustJag also has vast experience in project management and has proven to be successful in the past with award winning MOOCs. JustJag always brings his entire skill set for your next project - whatever that my be. JustJag is also available for public speaking events - about educational technology, games for learning and new digital markets.
We don’t tell organisations the answer but work in collaborative mode, co-creating solutions with clients.


JustJag is on a life long mission to bring some 'freshness' to online learning by blending the best technologies with traditional pedagogy to make the most engaging learning experience on the planet. Safe in the knowledge that online courses work on any device and are SCORM compliant. We have liftoff.


Convert dense information into a digestable, engaging and shareable format. Video and animation is a great way to add visual stimuli to your material. JustJag is expert in bringing life to any material. Everything from: script, film production, editing to project management. JustJag does it all - on time, on budget and on point. 


Everyone has a website it seems and first impressions count. Whether its a landing page for an idea, selling items, or just documenting an event. JustJag makes sure you or your brand are digitally resonating with your audience by utilsing modern technology. Stand out! 


Whether creating a new brand or developing an existing design. JustJag can help you build and deliver your proposition from the ground up. JustJag prides itself for its ability to simplify even the most complex of propositions or even the most vague. 


JustJag believes that great graphics make for a great online experience. From educational publications to infographics and everything in between - JustJag makes it engaging and highly viewable online and in person. JustJag also can make your current PowerPoints look professional and consistent for key presentations. 



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Digital Pedagogy

Great online learning still harnesses sound pedagogy from traditional formats. However, todays digital content requires a mechansim for delivery, digestion and discussion. JustJag harness this to create beautiful and engaging instruction.


JustJag is passionate about combining creativity with clients story. We are always learning new ways to illustrate and animate .  We strive to create the absolute best video for your needs.



A lot cheaper than most due to minimal overheads. JustJag has both technical and practical experience in starting a project - from concept to completetion. Jag loves it when a plan comes together.


We are constantly in communication with our clients. Throughout the process you will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.  What this means is that you will always know at which stage your video is at.



JustJag was delighted to be accepted as a member of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

The RSA is supported by 28,000 Fellows who share powerful ideas, carry out cutting-edge research and build networks and opportunities for people to collaborate, helping to create fulfilling lives and a flourishing society.

JustJag shares all these values and delighted to be recognised for his work and dedication.

I believe the nominated individual is a person of great creative flair, who is steeped in Social Change & innovation. Having operated in the educational industry for a number of years he is now leading a digital revolution through training, consultancy and online product development to help bring about learning a more effective and creative way. The fellowship will enable the individual to network with like-minded people and make a lasting positive change to education and society.

Sunny Dhadley FRSA

RSA Fellow


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